I grew up in Bullhead City, Arizona. Where, you might ask? Well, that’s a response I most frequently get, after a few seconds of silence of course. The best way to explain, is by saying, it’s about two hours from Lake Havasu or Las Vegas and right across the river from Laughlin, Nevada. Ding…ding…ding, I too hear the bells of understanding going off! Allow me to let you see the great things about my hometown.

Bullhead City is a small town with a population of almost 39,000 people. Although it consists of one main highway, it attracts six million visitors to the area annually. The summers are hot with no help from the dry hot wind, but tourism is the primary activity in the area. My hometown borders the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the Colorado River, which allows many different ways to cool down from the heat. There are several places to rent watercrafts like boats and Jet Ski’s and with all the restaurants to choose from, you’ll never go hungry! 

My hometown and Laughlin, NV are one in the same any more. They both host the Harley Davidson run each year. There are air races, Jet Ski races, SCORE races and the rodeo. Bullhead City has Hardyville Days, an event that gets the community together to eat great food and play fun games. We have chili cook off’s, the corn fest and an awesome community support system with city and school sports.

The best part about my hometown is that because it’s small, I’ve had the opportunity to know my neighbors. I had great relationships with my teachers and peers. I could walk anywhere and not worry about the dangers that are so frequent today in the world. I’ve built friendships with people I’ve known for more than ten years. One of my best friends is the Mayors daughter and I’ve actually had dinner with the Mayor! No one cared about material things, because we only had one decent store to shop at while growing up, but there really wasn’t much else anyway. The grand opening of Super Wal-Mart was the best excuse to take the day off!

As an adult looking back, I realize that I would not be who I am today without that foundation! Growing up in a small town gave me the courage to seek new opportunities and see new things. It has given me the ability to really take care of myself, without needing so much. When you live somewhere, where resources like shopping malls or job opportunities are few and far between, you learn that you don’t need a lot to really survive in this world. My family and friends and the people that I’ve met while growing up have given me everything that I’ll need in life. Having memories that will last the rest of my life and the comfort of knowing that I’ll always have a place and home in Bullhead City, Arizona is more than I could’ve asked for.